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Top Forex TradingStrategies - Strategy - I ** Over Confidence is the main “Enemy” in this tricky market, you should respect the market and don’tact as a hero otherwise it will be the beginning of the end of your Investmentand Funds.

Strategy - II”Howmuch you have more Patience, how much you will have more Profitwith less Risk on your Portfolio” * Because profiting in Forex Trading doesn’t come from trading more often, but byprofitable trades. The best trades aren’t available every hour or even everyday, so sometimes you might have to wait for days or even weeks to find a Guaranteed Forex Signals.
Strategy - III“Don’tput all of your eggs in one Basket” The Portfolio always needsa variety of different options in it, so be sure that you always open differentpositions with different instruments based on the market. There are Forextraders who always open using the same positions or just trading sameinstruments and pairs all the time. Learn to adjust your trading accordingly forany chance of success to minimize the risk and maximize the profit